Tuesday, 7 October 2014

MUA Peel off Base coat Review

This was not sent to me for reviewing, I bought this product and now giving my personal review on it. 

I bought this around two months ago and never gave it a try. I think its well worth the £1.99!
Usually I stay well away from glitter nail polishes because of not being able to remove it and when you do it involves tin foil.

I go mine from my local Superdrug store.

You paint your nails with a regular base coat, keep that on for a few days then do the process of removing it with nail polish remover and cotton pads. This is what you may get below...... 

Annoying stuck to your nails and hard to get off!!

Now you use the Peel off Base coat by MUA and only do one coat, keep it very thin because it can take time to dry.

Once you have painted your nails with a glitter polish wait and wear it for a few days. When your bored and want to remove it use your finger nail or cuticle pusher then start to scrape it off. Be careful and try not to scrape too hard because of nail plate. I would recommend pushing from the cuticle down.

I have tried this on all my fingers and works great!

Pros: Affordable and works

Cons: Can take time to dry.

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  1. Ooo I'm definitely going to have to try some! :) x